{ Meet Taylor }

While working on my Bachelor degree in digital filmmaking and video production at the Art Institute of California, I found myself falling into the lap of wedding cinema. With a now complete degree, I have never been more ready to use my skills in cinema and apply them to something special for my clients to have for a lifetime. I specialized in weddings, but also love to shoot anything that would be sentimental or important to you. I've realized how much I truly enjoy weddings so I consider myself blessed to have found something that lets my interests collide. I'm currently located in Los Angeles and flexible with wherever your location may be - Just ask !

My clients make the job so rewarding when I see their reaction to receiving the final product. Motion picture has an incredible ability to put you back into those emotions you were feeling on that special day from the dancing to the laughter. The flowers will wilt, the cake will be eaten, but your wedding video will be forever. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks for stopping by! ♡ - 

"We ran as if to meet the moon." - Robert Frost